When Dermatologists endorse your brand – CeraVe and expert influencer marketing

Published: April 11, 2023

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In today’s creator economy, Influencers are good for your brand. They bring the elements of social proof, credibility and trust to the mix. When the influencer is an authority or an expert in the field, it raises things to a whole different level.

It is typically where Gen Z turns to, when they need a recommendation or a solution. To be more specific, Gen Z turns to these influencer experts on TikTok or Instagram – watching their recommendations and following their advice.

So it is no surprise that brands rope in these experts to endorse their brands. The greater the expertise, the higher the value these influencers bring to the table.

CeraVe, the L’Oreal-owned skincare brand, is doing something really interesting. Being a skincare brand, they are working with dermatologists – in the plural – and even using a Dermatology conference to their advantage.

CeraVe’s strategy is to keep the dermatologist influencers as the center of their various social-first campaigns. All their campaigns aim to teach healthy, dermatologist-approved skin-care habits to their audience. Some of these campaigns include #CleanseLikeADerm, #MoisturizeLikeADerm and, most recently, #FaceItLikeADerm.

For their #FaceItLikeADerm campaign, CeraVe got about 50 dermatologist influencers from the dermatology conference to lead a parade through the streets of New Orleans with cardboard signs bearing messages like “Throw on some sunscreen” and “Wear SPF, your future self will thank you.”

They also invited those who attended the conference to put together a video of them applying one of the brand’s products – which lead to CeraVe setting a very unique Guinness World Record for “the longest video chain of people applying body moisturizer using CeraVe Moisturizing Cream,” featuring 625 dermatologists!

They didn’t stop here. CeraVe got the dermatologist influencers to endorse and promote their #21DaysOfSPFChallenge, which encourages those who participate to apply sunscreen on themselves for three weeks – the time that it takes for anything to become a habit.

CeraVe didn’t stop with just having dermatologists endorse and promote their skincare products. They have some celebrity influencers signed up as well – which makes it very attractive to Gen Z.

Our perspective on CeraVe’s strategy

The tag “recommended by dentists” on any dental / oral hygiene product, or “dermatologist tested / recommended” on any skincare or beauty product gives it a real edge. There is an instant seal of quality, that this tag conveys, which makes the product, immensely trustworthy, and consequently something that sells.

So CeraVe getting a group of dermatologists to be involved in their campaigns can do nothing but good for the brand. It instantly conveys the fact that the brand was very reliable and its products, recommended by dermatologists, no less!

Gen Z does well with influencers. In fact, they turn to influencers on TikTok or Insta for recommendations and advice. Since Gen Z is a group of digital natives and individuals who live on social media, expert influencers have a great impact on their buying decisions.

Involving dermatologists in their campaigns is a very smart move by CeraVe.

Gen Z trusts influencers with expertise in their kilter – not just random celebrities who endorse a brand (that works too – but experts have a far greater impact).

The influencers that Gen Z trusts, they follow – so if a trusted dermatologist influencer tells them to use a cream with SPF for three straight weeks, you can be sure that they will follow suit – increasing the sales of the said product.

CeraVe has strategized to consistently team up with dermatologists since they launched and that positions them as a reliable brand – and that is a quality that resonates deeply with Gen Z.


Pete Johnson

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