Albertsons levels up its marketing game—marketers may have to take a leaf out of it.

Published: March 02, 2023

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Albertsons is unifying marketing for its two dozen grocery chains through a new campaign. Albertsons has taken this step eight years after merging with Safeway and five months after announcing a planned deal with Kroger.

The new campaign has a matching theme, but each brand continues to keep its own name.

The campaign is promoted by Idaho, the retailer based in Boise, known for grocery chains such as Acme and Tom Thumb.

While it is a suitable promotional message and brand platform, it is brought to life in each of our local communities by that local banner's voice and brand,

Sean Barrett

Chief Marketing Officer - Albertsons

Albertsons' new messaging is the company's first major push from Anomaly, with whom it has been working for two years. Albertsons previously collaborated with muh-tay-zik and hof-fer. For media, Albertsons collaborated with Dentsu-owned Merkle.

Albertsons declined to disclose the budget for the effort, but Barrett stated that the company is increasing its marketing dollars in support of the launch.

Barrett added that the work will begin this week and that all customer messaging will adhere to the "Sincerely" platform. In-store advertisements, digital video, audio, and display ads, as well as local TV spots, are all part of the campaign. Videos will be 30 seconds long, 15 seconds’ long, and 6 seconds long.

What kind of implications Albertsons can expect with its unified marketing strategy?

Here is what we believe Albertsons can likely establish with its new campaign:

Achieve consistency in brand messaging:

The new campaign can help Albertsons maintain its consistency in brand messaging across all channels. It, in turn, assists brands to improve credibility, increase brand awareness, create a solid brand identity, inculcate brand values, and hence reassure sceptical audiences to evoke positive emotion about the brand to continuously engage with the brand and make purchases.

Drive extraordinary brand recall:

With Albertsons unified marketing strategy, the brand will be able to maintain communication alignment. Which means, the brand can take a single strong message for the campaign and reinforce the same among audiences through various channels. It ensures the message is not diluted and stimulates brand recall among potential customers. As a result, they will be able to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Scale marketing velocity and effectiveness:

Albertsons' marketing team can save a significant amount of time by streamlining their diversified marketing efforts with the company's new move. As a result, they can devote extra time to creative planning, developing a variety of persuasive creative assets, testing them, and ensuring the assets' maximum reach and success. Consequently, their creative effectiveness can also be improved.

In a nutshell, having a unified marketing strategy is crucial for any brand to positively influence their target audiences and maximize ROI. Though Albertsons is already an established brand, we believe this new campaign can expand its reach to untouched heights. And marketers can certainly take a leaf out of Albertsons marketing strategy.


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