When AI meets CX – DEI becomes very do-able

Published: June 18, 2023

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For businesses today, to integrate the essence of DEI in their very fabric is essential for success and sustainability.

A recent Adobe study was done and 13,000 consumers and 4,250 customer experience and marketing professionals, were surveyed. It found that as many as 72% of them believe that generative AI will enhance customer experiences. The number was higher with younger consumers, with 80% of millennials and 83% of Gen Z feeling the same way.

AI can play a huge role in ensuring that DEI is included in every aspect of a business.

  • When generative AI is trained on diverse datasets, it will be able to create content which will be relevant to culturally diverse audiences. So the messaging will appeal to a broader demographic at a much more personalized level.
  • Generative AI can come in handy when the translation of any communication or product information is called for. It can be translated into multiple languages, making a brand accessible and available to a globally diverse set of audiences.
  • Using AI, it is possible to produce product designs that are compliant with various accessibility requirements and standards. It can be used to make changes to websites to make them more usable by people with disabilities, for instance.
  • It is possible to generate images of diverse people for use in promotional material to mimic and mirror diverse audiences that the brand wishes to engage with.
  • Generative AI can be so trained on various data sets to eliminate any unintentional biases that could happen both in hires as well as product offerings.

AI and DEI

AI can be extremely useful to brands to include DEI in their very fabric and eco-system. But one must remember that any AI model is only as good as the data or information that it has been trained on. So that is where it all starts. It is important that the team that works on using AI to enhance business processes and sets it up, is diverse and cross-cultural. Only then will the output of the whole effort be inclusive of various, diverse and cross-cultural factors.

But on the other hand, the advantages that AI can bring are exponential to making a brand truly inclusive of diverse multi-cultural people groups – both in terms of hires of people who work for the brand and the audiences they hope to engage with. It can eliminate any unconscious bias – it can create inclusive content both in terms of messaging and design. And it can create a highly personalized and inclusive experience for every customer of the brand.

And all of this will help a brand expand the market reach of its products and services. When a brand is inclusive in terms of the design of its products and services, it is far more likely to attract similar customers who are diverse and cross-cultural. So the brand will be able to cast a net, so to speak, over a wider audience. A more diverse and multi-cultural team is capable of more creative ways of tailoring products that will suit a diverse customer base and audience.

So it is important that a brand has people from different religions, genders, ethnicities, races, locations, sexual orientations and maybe even cognitive abilities. That will truly influence every aspect of the brand and bring wide and varied perspectives, insights and ideas to the table.

It is a no brainer that the current generation that is slowly moving to be the ones with the spending power are ones that look at an organization that is inclusive and diverse and treats everyone equally regardless of how different they are, ass cool brand that they would be happy to be associated with. And patronize.

This will grow into a deeper sense of loyalty of the audience and a stronger preference of audiences for the brand – the audience naturally supports businesses that are in tune with and align with their own value system. All this can be hugely beneficial to the brand.

When done right, AI can simply revolutionize the attempts of a brand to offer immersive DEI-based customer experiences to their audience. But the key is to truly do it right.


Grace Wang

Grace is an advertising professional who keeps abreast of the latest and greatest in the marketing and advertising space. She is a traditionalist in lifestyle and modernist in her profession. Outside of marketing and advertising, she helps younger generation try and adapt traditional lifestyle for a healthy living.


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