Ready to level up your marketing game? Take a leaf out of Bose’s marketing book.

Published: May 23, 2023

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Creators are unquestionably changing the way digital marketing works, and collaboration between established brands and creators is only growing.

Incorporating creator marketing into social media strategies greatly assists brands in connecting with their target audiences and driving engagement. And it is for this reason that the creator world is attracting brand investments.

With investment in creators becoming an increasingly relevant approach as consumers migrate to digital platforms, brands' reliance on traditional ad agencies is significantly decreasing.

Recently, the audio equipment manufacturing company Bose has seen an amazing transformation in its marketing results. And the company attributes its success to its creator strategy.

The following are insights from Bose's CMO, Jim Mollica, as shared with Adweek.

Bose is a company of music fans, musicians, and sound engineers; it’s a collective built around a passion point.

Jim Mollica,

CMO, Bose

Mollica has spent the past two years developing Bose's dedicated 'creative department', which includes dozens of creators, to foster the brand's products and drive the brand's revived marketing strategy.

Every month, they create numerous pieces of content aimed at consumers on "listening occasions."

This marketing is primarily carried out on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Each piece of content was tailored specifically to the audience.

Although TV remains a part of the company's media strategy, the company constantly wants to appear in people's personalised online feeds. This means that traditional ad agencies were less required and more reliance was placed on a flexible internal setup.

Bose does not disclose its financials because it is a privately held company, but Mollica claims to be seeing his own brand metrics "move up" in a high involvement category.

Though Mollica prefers not to refer to Bose's creative team as an in-house agency, he joins a growing swarm of multinational marketers increasing their game on owned creative capabilities.

What can marketers learn from Bose’s marketing strategy?

Creators are presenting new ways for brands and marketers to meet their marketing goals. Although the rising cost of influencers has been a major source of concern for marketers, excluding them from their media mix will result in the loss of significant opportunities for brands in today's digital landscape.

The statement from Bose reiterates the same. And here are a few takeaways from Bose's marketing strategy for marketers:

Aligning with trends:

Irrespective of whether yours is an established brand or a budding one, curating a marketing strategy that aligns with trends is crucial to surviving in this competitive market.

As influencers are crucial to bridge the gap between a company and their target audience, create trends, and keep up with happening trends, Bose took a step towards refining its marketing strategy by incorporating creators despite being an established brand in the market.

Even though taking small steps while experimenting with new techniques is essential, brands must experiment in order to find a better way to connect with their audiences.

Finding the right platforms and tailoring personalized content for audiences is crucial:

Bose uses Facebook to reach older audiences and TikTok to connect with GenZ, and they personalise their content based on the preferences of their respective audiences.

Not every brand that is investing in influencer marketing is succeeding. Why? There are a lot of nuances that brands should study before diving into them to make them successful. Out of all of them, choosing the right platforms for targeting different segments of your audience and creating content that will resonate with them is at the top of the list.

Give some time to reap the results:

Bose has spent two years building a dedicated creative team.

Even if you pour blood and sweat into a project, nothing can happen overnight. Curating a concrete strategy, having the right resources in place, and giving them the necessary time are critical to reaping the results.

In fact, influencer marketing must be considered a long-term strategy. Even if your influencer has a loyal following, it will take time for them to build trust around your product among their followers so as to drive conversions.

Overall, Bose’s marketing strategy apparently shows that leveraging the power of influencers will pave the way for brands to drive themselves forward and unlock new opportunities to connect with their core audiences.


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