Miller Lite gets its S#!t together for Women’s History Month

Published: March 07, 2023

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Women’s history month is here!

And what better way to celebrate it than have Miller Lite turn all old sexist beer ads into fertilizer! They are calling it the changing of “bad s#*t” into “good s#&*t”!

Miller Lite is literally converting sexist beer advertising into fertilizer that can be used to grow hops to be used by female brewers to make more beer!

History has it that there couldn’t have been beer without women. Women were among the very first beer brewers ever. But over the years, somehow that was forgotten and women were objectified in beer ads instead.

Miller Lite, the Molson Coors brand has been working on buying any old marketing material that is sexist and objectifies women, off the internet for some time now. They will then convert all this into compost which will be used to make fertilizer. Miller Lite plans to donate this fertilizer to women farmers growing hops, and the hops they grow will be sent to women brewers.

Miller Lite also plans to donate more than five times the amount it spends to buy back all the bad advertising material to the Pink Boots Society – a society that supports women in advancing their careers through brewing education, which will, in turn, help them produce more beer and thereby put more good $#!T into the world.

In a press release, Miller Lite stated how committed they are to this mission.

This Women's History Month, Miller Lite wanted to recognize that without women, there would be no beer. To honor this we wanted to acknowledge the missteps in representation of women in beer advertising by cleaning up not just our $#!T, but the whole industry's $#!T while benefiting the future of women and beer.

Elizabeth Hitch,

Senior Director of Marketing for Miller Lite.

To get this message spread far and wide, Miller Lite has teamed up with the comedian, actor and producer, Ilana Glazer, to create a video about this endeavor.

And this whole exercise was spear-headed by an all-woman leadership team.

Our take on this endeavor


Women have been objectified for years and years – particularly in ads that sell stuff to an audience that consists primarily of men. A lot of the advertising of booze has men playing leading and dominant roles when it comes to relationships with women. Women are portrayed according to gender stereotypes, where they are reduced to being merely sexist objects of seduction.

Miller Lite jumping in to try and set this right (and how), is a commendable step in the right direction. They have been buying up sexist advertisements for months now – and have also issued an invitation to consumers asking them to check out and see how they can join this movement!

Not only does this whole exercise work to empower women, it is all about sustainability and re-cycling too – it is about buying back all those old ads, turning them into compost and then into fertilizer that can be used in the farming of hops, which can produce more beer.

Miller Lite has been engaged in other activities to promote a healthier image of women and to recognize the contribution of women to the brewing industry. For instance, Miller Lite brought out some limited edition cans honoring Mary Lisle who is America’s first documented woman brewer.

This whole exercise by Miller Lite works on several levels. Bringing the social issues of sustainability and recycling on the one hand, and the objectification of women on the other, places the brand on a great standing. Miller Lite comes off as being conscious of social issues, and as a brand that does something about it.

This is the kind of thing that gives a brand a standing among consumers – who will see Miller Lite as a brand that cares about these things. Gen Z appreciates things like this.

This is Cause Marketing at its best! Addressing a cause or social issues and also packing away a neat profit.

The timing is perfect. And this endeavor rights many, many years of wrongs. It will garner the support and approval of Gen Z – of women, and men whose hearts and heads are in the right place.


Grace Wang

Grace is an advertising professional who keeps abreast of the latest and greatest in the marketing and advertising space. She is a traditionalist in lifestyle and modernist in her profession. Outside of marketing and advertising, she helps younger generation try and adapt traditional lifestyle for a healthy living.


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