Easy Pizza on CarPlay from Domino’s – marketing lessons from the giant’s latest move

Published: April 10, 2023

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Domino’s pizza has managed to turn cars into pizza ordering devices with Apple CarPlay – where an app turns the car’s infotainment system into a connected iOS device.

Through this, customers can order pizzas with just a few taps on the screen – which is far more efficient and profitable than pizza home delivery, for the brand. Domino’s now gets the customer to carry his order out and gives the pizza giant some very valuable first-party data.

To use this Domino’s customers have to be signed in to their Domino’s account and also have an “easy order” saved along with payment and fulfillment details – whether they have a preferred pick-up site or delivery address. Apart from Domino’s Pizza, Panera and Dunkin' work in a similar manner. Domino’s customers can also order by phone on the CarPlay app.

To get people to take to this app, Domino’s is giving CarPlay users large one-topping pizzas for just $7.99, carryout only.

The whole idea behind this is to make pizza ordering convenient and easy for customers.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait in a drive-thru line just to place an order. Domino’s app on CarPlay is a great alternative to that, as customers still have the convenience of staying in their car, and can place an order from wherever they are, without waiting in a long drive-thru.

Christopher Thomas-Moore,

Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer Domino’s

Domino’s is known for the many novel ideas it brings into the pizza business. The ‘mind ordering app’ which was a tie-in with the Netflix show, “Stranger Things” is one such novelty. Domino’s calls its range of pizza-ordering delivery apps “AnyWare” – customers can order from wherever they are, using whichever device they preferred - Alexa, Google Home, Samsung smart TVs, Apple and Android smart watches, Slack, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, voice ordering on the Domino’s app, text using the pizza emoji – the list goes on!

Lessons for the marketer

Client Satisfaction is key

For Domino’s, satisfying the client, is top priority. And they are constantly doing things to make sure that happens. As a matter of course, they get feedback from their customers and keep doing what it takes to keep them relevant to their customers in meaningful ways.

Here is a way to extend convenience a step further – CarPlay!

Novelty always works

Domino’s is known for finding very new and interesting ways to keep the customer engaged, even while doing something as ordinary as ordering pizza. They even had a zero-click app that customers could use to order pizza by just opening the app. It orders a pizza 10 seconds after the app is opened automatically!

Now, when customers are waiting in their cars, they can just order their pizzas and pick them up quickly.

Use technology and innovate

With all the technology that is available, it really helps when brands warm up to it and use it to improve their offerings or interactions with customers. Whether it is making it easy for customers to order pizza on Alexa or on CarPlay, it pays to get on board the technology band wagon.

Make it easy for your customers to buy

Whether it is through an app on CarPlay or through the zero-click app, Domino’s knows how to make it effortless for the customer to buy from them. And guess what happens when you do that?

They come back to you for more! And that is the point of this whole thing, isn’t it?


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