BMW Motorrad takes Motorcycle Passion on a Virtual Reality MetaRide

Published: July 11, 2023

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BMW Motorrad has launched MetaRide, a VR platform and is creating waves in the motorcycle industry. MetaRide is a great point where mobility and technology meet. It gives bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts a great new, unique opportunity to ride the new BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle virtually.

BMW CE 02 had its world premiere on the MetaRide and at the Pure & Crafted Festival in Berlin. In the virtual world, motorcycle enthusiasts can ride the new electric BMW CE 02 on MetaRide and engage with the brand in this digital space. They can take virtual test rides and participate in various interactive activities on MetaRide.

BMW Motorrad has a trademark protecting all its virtual products in MetaRide, including vehicles and clothing, so they cannot be used without authorization or copied to produce fakes.

MetaRide is a great space for motorcycle enthusiasts. Here, they can directly engage with BMW Motorrad in fun and unique ways. Visitors can take a test drive on the BMW CE 02 through various urban landscapes – as the car is a cutting-edge electric vehicle especially meant for city-drives and living. There are several other interactive activities on the MetaRide that include virtual basketball and the excitement of collecting digital tokens.

Virtual test rides on the BMW CE 02 is possible on MetaRide - bikers can feel all the adrenalin rush and excitement of riding this bike from the comfort of their homes. They can also earn stylish jackets for their avatars to wear in this space.

MetaRide demonstrates BMW Motorrad’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. And it gives fans a space where they can engage with the BMW Motorrad community.

The Possibilities of Virtual Reality

A virtual space is a great place to take a vehicle out on a test drive - especially when the vehicle is from a luxury brand and way out of reach of most people. A virtual test drive gives fans the opportunity to experience the vehicle in all its power and majesty and feel the adrenalin rush of riding this amazing bike.

The younger demographic is very comfortable on virtual worlds. They are accustomed to donning avatars and stepping into alternate dimensions and winning levels and trophies. And bikes being vehicles that the younger crowd gravitates to, it makes sense for BMW to launch it on a virtual space as well. Some of the people in this particular group may not even be old enough to get a driver’s license. For them, a virtual space where they can ride the bike of their dreams is a great idea. They can push the vehicles to any extent possible, do all the wheelies they want and try any stunt, without getting physically hurt. Why? Even those who don’t know how to ride a bike can take these out for a spin!

Of course they launched it physically too – making it a phy-gital experience that is most popular and the best way to launch a product, help customers experience a brand or just conduct an event these days. So when BMW launched its electric bike, it made a huge roar physically and virtually. There was a physical launch at the Pure & Crafted Festival in Berlin and there was a buzz on the virtual space MetaRide as well.

Test-driving a vehicle or a bike in a virtual space has advantages for the brand – they can study how the bike performs and pick up on any kinks (if any) to set right. It is possible to see how the bike navigates in a certain kind of cityscape or terrain. Brands can also capture data about the audience that is interested in its vehicles.

With virtual worlds and Web3 and augmented reality being new and something of a novelty for customers, using a space like this to catch the attention of audiences, is a smart move. It is an immersive, engaging, interactive and absolutely enthralling experience for customers – and brands would do well to tap into this magic and harness its power to impress their customers.


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