Walmart ad biz grows and grows! Watch and Learn!

Published: May 27, 2023

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Walmart Connect is Walmart’s U.S. advertising division. It saw a sales increase of nearly 40% in the first quarter of fiscal year 2024, according to Walmart’s latest earnings report. Its global advertising business saw a 30% growth in the same period.

Walmart Connect lets brands run five types of ads:

  • Search In-Grid - Search In-grid Sponsored Products are Cost Per Click ads that appear all over the Walmart SERP pages. Brands can set limits on their spending.
  • Carousels - Carousel ads are the ads that normally appear on the Walmart product details page. Sellers can run both automatic and manual campaigns.
  • Buy Box Banner - Walmart displays the Buy Box on the product details page, when a customer searches for a particular product, complete with a CTA to add the product to the cart. To be on the Buy Box, sellers must meet certain criteria - lower pricing, high seller ratings, reliable shipping, and customer service. Brands can also bid on the Buy Box placement through sponsored ads.
  • Sponsored Brands – which is self-explanatory
  • On-site, and off-site Display Ads – Walmart also offers display advertising on and off the site which helps brands reach customers at different stages of their shopping journey.

Over the last 12 months, the number of third-party sellers who use Walmart’s ad capabilities has doubled! Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart has grown double-digit. The number of Sam’s Club’s active advertisers increases more than 50% year-over-year. Walmart also owns Flipkart, an-India focused company which has seen an increase of more than 50% when it comes to ads driving its international ad business.

According to Walmart executives, it is the new advertisers, especially from Marketplace sellers, that are helping to drive Connect’s momentum. Sam’s Club has recently launched sales attribution features, which attracts brands.

Walmart’s Secret to Success

What is the secret to this resounding ever-increasing success? It is Walmart’s ad strategy.

Walmart is a great marketplace for products. It is next only to Amazon – but the growth is spectacular that the gap is narrowing with every passing day. It has a wide range of products and a large customer-base, both of which are growing too!

So it is no doubt that brands want to be there and Walmart rakes in the ad bucks.

Walmart has millions of visitors every day and is easily one of the best platforms for sellers to connect with potential buyers on and offline. Because of the magnitude of transactions made, Walmart has a humungous amount of data on shopping behaviors and shoppers. They also have the capability to orchestrate messaging and measurement to strategically enable customers to buy, based on the ads they see!

Walmart’s algorithms are able to track every customer’s shopping pattern. They have all the metrics to show brands even details of shoppers who saw your ads – and if they bought your product in the Walmart store or on the website. They can compare this with the ones that saw the ad but didn’t buy. With that level of information and tracking, Walmart gives brands every metric that is relevant to all the stages of a customer’s purchase journey.

Walmart ads are one of the best ways to popularize your products, regardless of whether a brand is new to the market or is established. And regardless of whether it is information about brand life, product popularity, search lift, or the number of shoppers your products are exposed to – Walmart keeps its advertisers and brands happy that they come back for more!

With their own supply chain, Walmart keeps everyone happy. Customers, brands and themselves too!


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