Google Search Ads 360 with new features: how incentivizing is it for enterprise advertisers?

Published: April 18, 2023

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Google recently announced the enhancements to Search Ads 360 and encouraged advertisers to migrate to the new platform before April 2024, with the older version of Search Ads 360 being phased out early next year.

Search Ads 360 is a component of the Google Marketing Platform that allows advertisers to handle cross-channel search campaigns with enterprise-level ad campaign creation, deployment, and optimisation capabilities.

Last February, Google released an updated version of Search Ads 360, which includes a variety of new measurement and management tools to help advertisers improve their search advertising processes.

Now that the legacy version of the app is planned to be discontinued, Google requires users to take action soon in order to continue managing their search campaigns.

New Search Ads 360 Features:

The new platform provides enhanced support for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and many other search engine advertisements.

  • In the new Search Ads 360, Google Ads support includes text, image, display, video, and app promotion formats.
  • Advertisers can use Microsoft Advertising campaign settings to control costs, geographic targeting, and campaign optimisation in the new version.

Besides, Templates, an automated campaign builder option, is also available. Google has integrated a number of new insight tools and made improvements in reporting and attribution as well as payment processes, giving users more management controls.

According to Google, in the coming months, all Search Ads 360 users will be notified when they are eligible to upgrade. Current Search Ads 360 users can check the Experience Hub to see if they are already eligible.

Why must advertisers consider the new features in Search Ads 360?

With every customer touch point being a whole new opportunity for brands to get their potential customers a step closer to them, it is vital to analyse and optimize their campaigns in real-time so as to derive better results.

Particularly for enterprises, it is an entirely big game.

In this context, a search engine management (SEM) platform like Search Ads 360 is critical to efficiently analyse and optimise search campaigns across multiple engines from a single user interface.

With the addition of new features, we believe that Google Search Ads 360 is paving the way for advertisers to efficiently scale their search engine marketing campaigns.

Improved cross-channel support:

With customers’ having a myriad of online distractions, it is important for advertisers to keep track of what works and what does not and take action as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, it represents nothing less than a potential opportunity lost or a valuable audience donated to the competitor.

With the new version, which provides more cross-channel campaign support, advertisers will be able to make real-time adjustments to campaigns based on findings faster. As a result, enterprise advertisers will be able to target their audiences effectively based on specific audience responses and preferences. It will in turn help them improve engagement rates while saving plenty of time for advertisers.

For instance, with the new feature called "templates", advertisers will be able to deploy ads across various ad platforms using a single template. This will be particularly useful for brands looking to launch seasonal promotions across multiple channels quickly. From creating to adjusting to monitoring output, advertisers will probably find those tasks easier in the new version to achieve better results.

Enhanced measurement capabilities:

With improvements made in reporting and attribution, advertisers will be able to obtain accurate and more detailed data. Which, will provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences so as to tailor personalized campaigns.

Also, it will be extremely beneficial for accurately attributing conversions to specific channels or campaigns. Consequently, advertisers can better understand the impact of the campaigns and make changes in their marketing strategy accordingly to enhance ROI.

Overall, Search Ads 360 updates is all about improving advertiser experience and providing increased opportunities to achieve better results via cross-channel search campaign management.


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